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Get Ideas for Bead Jewelry

Waiting for Inspiration

My brain went numb for a few days and I stopped making earrings just as abruptly as I started making them-dunno if the success went to my head or the fear did…Will I be able to make more…Have to wait and see.. What have I been doing with my time? Been […]

Crafts Bazaar 2008,Valluvar Kottam,Chennai

I went to Valluvar Kottam last Sunday for the Crafts Bazaar by the Crafts Council of India ….The bazaar started last week and will be on till the weekend.

Artisans from all over India are displaying their crafts ranging from Kalamkari work, block prints, sarees, jute bags, mats, carpets, silver and handmade jewelry. There are […]

Cell Phone Charms Two

I made this cell phone charm for myself recently just cos I was bored with my phone and needed a charm that wasn’t too noisy and didn’t squash in the side of my face when I use my phone.

Handmade Blue Cell Phone Charm

I found an awesome blue crystal bead ( half of […]