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Get Ideas for Bead Jewelry

Waiting for Inspiration

Waiting for Inspiration

My brain went numb for a few days and I stopped making earrings just as abruptly as I started making them-dunno if the success went to my head or the fear did…Will I be able to make more…Have to wait and see..
What have I been doing with my time? Been put back into work-reluctant but happy…Did a bit of shopping for a sofa and at the Valluvar Kottam Craft Bazaar.

Thought and thought a lot about what project I should post- I have a very bad habit of having my fingers in quite a few pies at the same time-Then I got this brilliant idea-why not post about ideas and the things that inspire us?





So I put down what I do when I need ideas for jewelry:

  1. I read my Google reader feeds
  2. I google”beads” (Very obvious, I know)
  3. I search for colour schemes with a Color Scheme Generator
  4. I pull out clothes from my wardrobe that do not have jewelry to match and just find beads from my stash that match with them (Necessity is the mother of invention isn’t it?)
  5. I play with my beads-I take out some eye pins(gold and silver and then just sit and stack different beads from my box in as different arangements I can come up with
  6. I linger around sites like:
  7. I love to use the Virtual Bead Board, an awesome feature in www.FireMountainGems.com that lets you play around with thousands of beads all just after signing up for a free membership with them….While you’re there, you can check out the video tutorials and their “Gem of the week” section.
How do you get ideas for jewelry? What inspires you? What are the techniques you use? I’d love to hear about them…Do drop by and comment on this..
Image Courtesy: Wikipedia
Image:William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) – Inspiration (1898)

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