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Real India: Etsy Finds

I love Etsy.com …I’ve never made any secret of that fact πŸ™‚ but I’ve always wished we Indians could do more for our little crafty shops on Etsy…OK…so I thought I’d do a little bit of scouting around using Etsy’s Shop Local feature…I was looking for products made by Indians, creations that reflect our rich culture, items that feature our insane love of color and beauty in all possible ways…Here’s what I found…head over to these shops and get a feel of India – real India and Indianness…Enjoy!

First stop- The Home Centric

Urvi, a qualified Fashion and Textile designer, has been designing for 5 years…I have no ‘one’ favorite that I can point out in her shop…all her cushions and pillow cases are unique and beautiful..No one can stop with one, I say!! The metallic ones really tempt me- must be the Indian love of ‘bling’ that’s making me want each one!

Gold Dreams Throw Pillow Cover

Gold Dreams Throw Pillow Cover by The Home Centric on Etsy

Plum Beauty - Throw Pillow Cover

Plum Beauty - Throw Pillow Cover by The Home Centric on Etsy

Marigolds - Throw Pillow Covers

Marigolds - Throw Pillow Covers by The Home Centric on Etsy

The Marigold one is my favorite!!! Such a lovely, bright splash of color…reminds me of saffron and garam masala πŸ™‚

Second Shop for the day-Mayaruhi

Pearl Bhasin, a stay-at-home Mom, makes limited design earrings from semi-precious stones, crystal, cut glass, pearls, shell, 925 silver and 24-karat gold-plated 925 silver. (Her shop is based out of her home in Singapore but cos she’s Indian and her pieces are inspired by Mughal paintings she deserves to be in this list!)

Indian agate wrapped hoops

Indian agate wrapped hoops by Mayaruhi

Coral wrapped hoops

Coral wrapped hoops by Mayaruhi

Rainbow of Agates in big gold hoop

Rainbow of Agates in big gold hoop by Mayaruhi

Now, onto the next shop – HippieKingdom

Devi, an Accessory Designer, makes bright and happy jewelry that’s both eco-friendly and recycled- she uses thread, jute, hemp, cardboard and paper in her creations-playful and fun!

Coconut Shell and Colorful Tassel Earrings

Coconut Shell and Colorful Tassel Earrings by Hippie Kingdom on Etsy

Eco friendly Hemp Bangle by Hippie Kingdom

Eco friendly Hemp Bangle by Hippie Kingdom on Etsy

Cute Turtle Couple Earrings

Cute Turtle Couple Earrings by Hippie Kigdom on Etsy

Eco-friendly Paper Weave Earrings

Eco-friendly Paper Weave Earrings by Hippie Kingdom on Etsy

I simply love these earrings!!! They look just right for an afternoon out with friends, while drinking filter kaapi (coffee) πŸ™‚ Nirvana!


Next shop – Bootika

Shruti hand paints her products – Tees, Tank Tops, Bags, Belts, HeadbandsΒ  and Cushion Covers!! Her creations use graphics that reflect India- images that every Indian can identify with…Stop by her shop with some chai!

Handpainted Tote Bag with Chai Glasses

Handpainted Tote Bag with Chai Glasses by Bootika on Etsy

Handpainted Tee with White Auto rickshaw

Handpainted Tee with White Auto rickshaw by Bootika on Etsy

Handpainted Tote Bag with Matkas (Indian Pots)

Handpainted Tote Bag with Matkas (Indian Pots) by Bootika on Etsy

The Last Shops for the day- Art by susmitha and Veganosaurus

Susmitha from Bangalore makes Art Beads, Miniature Sculptures and exculsive Artisan Jewelry. She also makes cute little creatures to celebrate Veganism on her other shop-Veganosaurus.

Demeter Earrings

Demeter Earrings by Artbysusmitha

LOVE carnelian copper clay pendant

LOVE carnelian copper clay pendant by Susmitha

Spiral Dance chunky copper wire necklace

Spiral Dance chunky copper wire necklace by Susmitha

oooohhh…the colors are gorgeous-they remind me of peacock feathers for some reason!

Mommy and Baby Turtleclopses

Mommy and Baby Turtleclopses by Veganosaurus on Etsy

(the second turtle item I picked-anyone notice a theme here?)

Miniature Froggy Family -terrarium decor

Miniature Froggy Family -terrarium decor by Veganosaurus on Etsy

Puffy - smart little cyclops monster clay sculpture

Little cyclops monster clay sculpture by Veganosaurus on Etsy

Oh how I’d like a terrarium with these lil monsters on my desk at work!! I specially love the froggies (such an awesome orange) and of course, I love the blue cyclops’ tie (he’s a smartie!).

Which one’s your favorite product?? Which one would you buy? Stop by these shops and share your love…Promote Indian crafters and Indian crafts…

NOTE: All images in this post are the properties of the shop sellers featured in the post.





9 comments to Real India: Etsy Finds

  • Hey, I’m thrilled to be featured here in your awesome post! And I have found a few new favorite stores now, thanks to you! πŸ™‚

    By the way, my shop is based in Bangalore, India. I’m just here in California right now on holiday so all my monsters and jewelry traveled here with me. πŸ™‚

    • deepfriedbheja

      @ Susmitha- oops…I assumed that you lived in California…I’ve corrected the post πŸ˜€ sorry for the error
      I looooove your little monsters…I wish they’d keep me company at my office πŸ™‚

  • I like this blog very much, it gives lots of interesting information, thank you

  • I wish more Indian crafters and artisans would sell their ware online on Etsy!! Some of my fellow cardmakers did try but the response here is limited because people haven’t heard about Etsy!! πŸ™


    • deepfriedbheja

      I agree Smita! I’ve been trying to spread the word bout Etsy to my friends…The site would be really good for rural self-employed women’s groups if only someone would start them on the site and selling online….Maybe we all should do a series of blog posts on Etsy πŸ™‚ Then at least people may come to know bout it. What do you say?

  • OMG!
    I am so so glad I came across your blog. I have been looking for Indians who are on Etsy. Although I have been crafting and selling for years now, and I am registered on Etsy… and zibbet.. I still need to put up shop. Do you have any advice as to how to make shipping abroad easy? My work is mostly jewelery and the couriers really hike up the price and also told me flat out they would not ship ANY jewelery… even if it was wood!
    Please please help~


  • Sharon

    I love etsy and was wondering why weren’t there any indian sellers.. But im thrilled now to find so many..

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