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Origami Gift Bag

Origami Gift Bag

Thanks to Pearlie and her awesome info-packed Origami blog – I came across a tutorial for making Origami Gift Bags. You can read Pearlie’s post here and find the original video tutorial here.

As an avid earring maker, it is a constant improvement process as I find packaging to suit my earrings, which is eco-friendly […]

Christmas Cards 2011

You've Got Penguin Mail Card

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

I am very very late with this post and almost everyone has finished sharing their Christmas Cards, decor and gift projects…However, better late than never- so here are my Christmas cards this year…

I made 5 cards for my friends this year – I actually had plans to make around 12 but […]

10 Tips to Save Money Crafting in 2012

Hello friends,

I thought I would share some tips on saving money while crafting. I follow these tips and intend to keep following them in 2012.

Save your Rupees

Note: Please do add your money saving tips in the comments!

I got this idea while emailing Pearlie this morning. Find a crafting buddy and […]