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10 Tips to Save Money Crafting in 2012

Hello friends,

I thought I would share some tips on saving money while crafting. I follow these tips and intend to keep following them in 2012.

Save your Rupees

Save your Rupees

Note: Please do add your money saving tips in the comments!

  1. I got this idea while emailing Pearlie this morning. Find a crafting buddy and go shopping for supplies together. In this way, you could share paper that you buy in bulk – it’s cheaper and there is less chance of papers being wasted- more chance of you both getting more lovely papers to craft with. I guess this could be said for strings of beads, ribbons, buttons and other craft supplies.
  2. I’ve put off many craft projects because I was too lazy to cut out the pieces. So on the days when I have high energy or my crafting bug has bitten me- I cut card stock, round corners, cut punch outs and keep it ready to use. Saves me a lot of frustration always!
  3. When I have small bits of pattern paper left over from a card, I try to put it in a zip lock bag/ a chocolate box on my desk. I use a bunch of similar or matching pieces to make a collage background for a card/ scrapbook layout. You could also try grouping by pattern – flowers, glitter paper, dots, hearts etc.
  4. I’ve never used chipboard ever! I often use cereal boxes, tissue boxes, or other solid type cardboard box like shirt boxes instead. Generally I cut the boxes into pieces on the seams, into cardstock size pieces. To use, just cover with white paper/ pattern paper and glue.
  5. I save beautiful wedding cards, envelopes and Christmas cards and use them as embellishments or photo mats in cards and scrapbook layouts.
  6. I also save the tags when I buy clothes as they can be covered with pattern paper and used as tags or used as templates to cut out shapes.
  7. Instead of buying expensive pattern paper I often use gift wrap. Most shops like Landmark and Odyssey have nice wrapping paper that has themes like hearts, chocolates, flowers etc. I like having gift wrap on hand in 3 or 4 colors/ themes – I can use the gift wrap as photo mats or backgrounds on cards.
  8. Use gift wrap paper to make envelopes for your handmade cards. This is good for bulky/ odd shaped handmade cards that don’t fit the usual envelope sizes.
  9. I love Baker’s twine but I really don’t want to spend so much money on thread! I am an embroiderer so I have tons of embroidery thread. I just use 2 strands of thread – each different color and twist it together- like one red and 1 white. I’ve tried it with shaded embroidery thread also – it looks good. I do this just before I need to use it and I always glue the ends together with strong glue. Maybe you could try braiding 3 different color threads too?
  10.  I use my nephew’s building blocks to make a T-shaped Stamp positioner…I suppose you can make an L-shaped one too.

Got more money saving ideas for hard-working crafters? Is there any way we can save our hobby money by avoiding costly supplies – so that we can spend that money on other supplies 🙂 Please do add your tips in the comments!

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