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Crafty Goals 2012

Woohoo….the new year’s here and my head is buzzing with ideas and potential craft projects I just wanted to write down my goals for crafting in 2012 – I don’t want to say resolution because I know I break resolutions and the word is generally scary My Craft Goals for 2012 So here are my […]

Craft Supplies from Kalalayaa

Raffia, baker's twine and roses

Pssst…I’m working on a secret project for one of my friends…Promise you won’t tell anyone?

I am working on a scrapbook album to give as a gift for my friend.

Pie Lane flowers

I have collected ideas, crafting friends were so kind as to send me links to video tutorials and so I decided […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year


I hope you saw 2011 off in good spirits….Today is the start of a brand new year -what better time to celebrate?

Just a small wish from me to you this January 1,2012 (click to expand the pic):

Happy New Year

What are you crafting plans for this year? Any crafting resolutions? […]