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Crafty Goals 2012

Woohoo….the new year’s here and my head is buzzing with ideas and potential craft projects I just wanted to write down my goals for crafting in 2012 – I don’t want to say resolution because I know I break resolutions and the word is generally scary 🙂

My Craft Goals for 2012

So here are my crafty goals(in no order really) – these include blogging here too:
  • Start my own online jewelry shop on www.shopo.in. I love the site and I’ve been wanting to get my jewelry on it for quite some time now. I think my jewelry is worth it – what do you say?
  • Change the design of my blog – with a new header, logo, blog badges or buttons and possibly advertising – Google Adsense?
  • Write at least 5 blog posts per month which means that I will have written atleast 60 posts in 2012.
  • Take a craft class and learn something new…
  • Make 2 to 4 craft tutorials in 2012
  • Work on atleast 2 complex craft projects – I guess I already have these all figured out. More details later I promise 🙂
  • Actively participate in the Indian Scrappers Challenge on Indian Craft Room (year long). This Challenge is to post a 2 page/sided scrapbook layout per month using the optional sketch and the theme/design element (mandatory).
  • Participate in one other craft blog challenge in addition to the ISICR challenge per month.
  • Nurture my blog friendships by being a thoughtful contributor and helping all I can.
So that’s my bunch of goals for this year…I hope I haven’t chosen too many 😛
What about you? What are your craft goals / resolutions for this year? Are you doing away with them entirely and living 2012 on the fly?

1 comment to Crafty Goals 2012

  • Hi Sarah,
    I just wanted to say that I really like your profile pic on Pinterest (for Crafty). I think you should put up the same for this blog header too, instead of the leaves/plants pic 🙂
    Btw, check the new blog!!

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