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A mini book and a handmade paper bag

I finally took some pics 🙂 and uploaded them! Pearlie will be happy that I did stop being so lazy and post them- she must be getting tired of all my “I’ll take pics ” stories 😉

This weekend was a busy one but nevertheless one full of inspiration for me! I sat and did a lot of thinking about my business and where I want it to go…so all good!

Now, let me show you what I made 🙂 My college junior Nissin was visiting Chennai this weekend on a work trip (from Kerala). The funny thing is that though we were staying in adjacent rooms in the hostel, we hardly used to talk (and people who know me know how much I like to talk!). But recently, through Facebook, we have discovered that we both like to craft. She is a super talented crochet-er! (More about her later). So I made a origami bag and the mini book to give Nissin as gifts when we met on Sunday.

I made this origami paper bag using the same tutorial I had used the last time(you can read about my first attempt here). This time it was using a bigger square of paper – wrapping paper from Chumbak to be precise 🙂 It was much easier than using handmade paper and the bag was surprisingly sturdy too. I made the handles with black ribbon that my friend Anita had given me a long long time ago.

Handmade origami bag from Chumbak wrapping paper

I also made a mini book using 2 chipboard min album pages (bought from Anandha Stationary) as covers and A4 printer paper as pages.

Mini book made with Chumbak wrapping paper

Inside the mini book

Inside the mini book

I covered the chipboard with a tomato red polka dot paper from the Papermania Capsule Collection’s Sunshine Paper pack and the Chumbak wrapping paper. I then punched out two holes and added scrapbook rings that I was lucky enough to find at the Gemini Landmark!! How cool is that?

Do you like my mini book??

What have you made this weekend?? 


2 comments to A mini book and a handmade paper bag

  • Someone seems to be very busy both on the blog and on FB! 🙂
    Wonderful to see your work Sarah!
    And thanks for posting the pics, looks lovely. Beautiful paper, looks really bright and colourful.

    • Hi Pearlie,

      I hope you didn’t get tired of waiting for me to blog and post pics 🙂 I love the Chumbak wrapping paper – it’s expensive but I liked the design too much to pass it by. There are going to be more blog posts soon 🙂

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