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A sneak peek of what I’m working on

Hello my crafty friends, hope your day is treating you well!

I’ve been a good girl with the blog posting but I am SO SO behind on posting my pics. I have been working on some jewelry after what seems to be a really long long time – with all the paper crafting that you all have been seeing around here!

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s cooking:


Close up of handmade copper and rose quartz chain

Sneak peek of handmade copper and rose quartz chain

Isn’t it sweet like candy? I love the colors!

And because you guys are so sweet – I’ll let you take a better look at it 😉

Copper, rose quartz, aqua and lilac beaded chain

Copper, rose quartz, aqua and lilac beaded chain

It is a chain that I made all by my self !! It was a kind of experiment in rosary linking but I love it so much now! I’m going to have a hard time parting with it and selling it 🙁

I used copper wire for the links, rose quartz beads and aqua blue, lilac and clear plastic and glass beads. I’ve deliberately mixed up the beads used – I somehow don’t like too much of symmetry in chains 😛 I love the shades of the beads – how the warmth of the copper balances out the cool tones….This is my favorite chain – not to mention the first one I’ve made using the rosary loop technique.

This necklace will be on sale when I start my online shop! I’m building inventory till then 😉

6 comments to A sneak peek of what I’m working on

  • Nissin

    Love it!!! me want!

  • Anisha

    Okay, for someone who loves beads and mirrors and wrapping paper and everything shiny, your blog is quite the candystore. I need help– been wanting to make a beaded curtain for ever now and hang it across this boring wooden- arch thing in my apartment. My new hubby wouldn’t hear of it, he dismisses all my creative aspirations as ‘harem-like’ and ‘hippy’, so bluagh. As my luck would have it, he is out of town this weekend leaving the whole house and all the bare walls and doorways to my sweet mercies, so I’m itching to get to work. Can you tell me where I can get the prettiest beads and coin-sized mirrors cheap in Chennai? Also looking for patterned blocks to print the walls with– you know, kalamkari style maybe? Would really appreciate the info Sarah,

    • Hey Anisha, nice to see you around here 🙂
      For pretty, colorful and big beads that still look good I suggest you buy them from the gypsies at Besant Nagar – just don’t forget to wash them first!!
      If you are looking for smaller beads or plastic beads – you can try Oswal Traders in Sowcarpet – they’re pretty cheap there- Also you could get the mirrors from any of the North Indian fancy stores there in Sowcarpet. If the center of the city is easier for you then maybe Raja Thread Stores near Ranganathan street is good for beads and the mirrors…
      For the walls – either you can make stencils yourself out of OHP sheets (just print out a design and hold it below the OHP sheet and cut out the design) or you can use wooden blocks – you can get them from Tina Arts and Crafts in Vadapalani (they price by the size so bigger designs may be more costly).The more intricate designs are best done on paper – I am not sure what they look like on the walls – sometimes they aren’t too clear and you might have to do touch ups with a brush!)
      I still think you should go for the “hippy” look 😉
      Hope this helps…please upload pics on FB after you are done – would love to see them!

    • Oh…and if you like DIY house remodel and decor projects and need tutorials on how to paint walls (or almost everything) try Young House Love

  • Anisha

    So, I’m armed with a map and heading to Sowcarpet today. Your reply was so quick, thanks a lot, you’re such a good sort!Bummer that i have to go to work as well though, but tomorrow I will start work in good earnest. oh hell, that younghouselove place is gorgeous, it makes me sooo jealous that they have the time and skills to do all that they do– did you see that clothespin chandelier?? quite brilliant! I will post the pics as soon as i am done, which i hope i will be cos I am quite notorious for starting stuff off all gung ho and then getting distracted, losing interest and leaving it incomplete– that’s why nooone lets me start anythng!
    Later then 🙂

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