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New avenues :)

I am SO excited!! The events of the past few days seem like such a blur for me! I’ve been offered such great opportunities far more than anything I’ve ever expected! I am so grateful for everything!

I wish I could squeal and dance around in my office right now! But have to maintain decorum 😛 bah!

I know I am being rather mysterious and vague with this post but I don’t want to get my hopes up and your hopes up and then have it all fall through! So please excuse my vagueness and general hyper active-ness…I am having a lot on my mind right now but the best part is that they are all good things to think about so I rather can’t stop thinking of them instead of being unable to focus on them 🙂

I am keeping my fingers crossed and I’m hoping that everything will come through and fall right in place. I can’t stop checking my Gmail 😛 Please be assured that any good news I get will be shared here most definitively!!

{Just a small note: I have been flooded with a lot of emails the past few weeks – some with enquiries on craft supply shops, some about progressing with their craft businesses and some asking to buy my jewelry. I am trying to reply to each mail so please be patient with me. I am a distracted creative type after all! But please be assured that I will get down to it soon and I haven’t forgotten you ok?}

I love all my readers and email writers and commenters – you guys make my day worthwhile and make me feel so good. So please keep writing in and talking to me!

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