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Blue Party Favor Boxes

I found a very cute printable Blue box template at Shala’s website Don’t Eat the Paste only recently.

I hadn’t come across her site before and I wish I had seen it earlier 🙂

Coming back to my boxes, I chose the circle dot printable 2″ box for the party favors.

Step 1: Print the boxes

I downloaded the image and took it to the xerox shop near my house. They had 220 gsm paper so I got the boxes printed out on that. The first color print is 15Rs and the following ones are 10Rs each. I took 15 prints to be on the safer side (though we expected only 11 people to come to the bridal shower.)

Step 2: Cut the box templates and fold

I spent two evenings after work cutting out the boxes using a combination of a Xacto knife blade, huge scissors and nail scissors 🙂 {I get bored with my tools I suppose 😉 }

Step 3: Glue the box flaps

The paper has a shiny side and a dull side – the pattern is printed on the shiny side so I had to use Fevicol to stick it properly. Ordinary glue sticks made the paper slip and slide here and there!

Step 4: Add a finishing touch

After making the box, I stuck a single blue flower sticker from Pie Lane on the top of each box. I don’t know the price as I got it as a kit from Kavitha. You can read more about it here.

Total Expense Breakdown

Total Expense = Approximately 200 Rs for 15 boxes.

15 Printouts = 155 Rs

1 tube Fevicol = 20 Rs (already in stash)

15 Pie Lane Flower Stickers (I don’t know the price sorry.)

A bit about Shala’s Don’t Eat the Paste Website

Shala Kerrigan is from UK and is the editor of the beadwork site at BellaOnline. She is a dedicated blogger with a craft blog called Don’t Eat the Paste.

Shala posts free templates for

  • Printable boxes
  • Cupcake boxes
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Purse shaped boxes
  • Cookie boxes
  • Pillow Boxes
  • Easter Egg boxes
  • Chocolate boxes
  • Halloween Themed boxes
  • Mardi Gras masks
  • Tea Bag boxes and
  • Mandalas to color.

I believe she has a template for EVERY occasion and for every reason to gift!!

Please do visit Shala’s website. She is so generous to give out all her art for free downloads  – I really am in awe of her kindness!

Note: If you want to buy a blank template or custom order a box with one of her existing templates? Visit her Etsy shop Dont Eat The Paste. She also offers bead pattern e-books for sale there and she also takes custom orders.

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