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How to make embellished Flip Flops

DIY Blue Butterfly Flip Flops

DIY Blue Butterfly Flip Flops

Today, I want to show you the pretty flip flops I made for my friend Angel, as a gift at her bridal shower.

Embellish Store Bought Flip Flops

Embellishing a pair of flip flops is really easy and I bet you can do it too. I found it rather addictive, and so you may just find me buying more flip flops to decorate soon 🙂

Step 1: Buy plain flip flops

I got these pretty navy blue flip flops from Westside in Spencer’s Plaza for Rs 150. I chose these because they have hearts on them, they were the right size for my friend, and they have smooth straps which makes gluing embellishments easy. And oh, did I mention that my friend’s favorite color is blue?

Buy plain flip flips

Buy plain Navy blue flip flips

Step 2: Start embellishing the straps

I bought a really cute bright blue sequin trim from Landmark in Spencer’s plaza. It is really bright and shiny so I thought it’s best that I stick it only on one strap per slipper. I didn’t want to go overboard with the bling 🙂

Tip: I always thought that I needed a hot glue gun to stick anything onto the flip flops but Fevibond seems to work just fine! I have a hot glue gun that I bought a couple of months ago from Tina Arts and Crafts in Vadapalani but I have been cleaning my room, so I couldn’t find it in time for this project. My dad was so sweet as to run out and get me a jumbo tube of Fevibond 🙂

  • I started by cutting a strip of the trim slightly longer than the length of the slipper strap.
  • I put Fevibond on one end (on the right side) and I put a line of Fevibond on the slipper in the point of the V (where the straps meet in the centre).
  • After 10 minutes, I stuck the ribbon to the flip flops on top of the Fevibond I had already laid down.
  • I held the ribbon in place using a jumbo paper binder clip.
  • Then I put Fevibond on the rest of the strap and on the underside of the ribbon and waited for another 10 minutes.
  • Almost Done! – Stuck the ribbon onto the strap.
  • I repeated all the steps for the other slipper too.
Stick Ribbon or other trim to the straps

Stick Ribbon or other trim to the straps

Step 3: Add a special something

As I stuck the shiny trim only on one strap, I felt the other strap needed a little something – it felt very plain. The other strap is on the inside of the foot, so sticking any other embellishment on it might make it rub on my friend’s foot – which I didn’t want. So I did the next best thing 🙂

  • I took two baby blue pipe cleaners that I had and bent it to look like two butterflies (at least I think they look like butterflies lol!)
  • I glued each one onto the V joint of the straps to cover up where I glued the ribbon trim. Done!!
Add a topper to the flip flop

Add a topper to the flip flop

My friend liked the flip flops very much and they were specially useful as she had come wearing heels and her feet had begun to hurt 🙂 Great informal wear I say!!

Did you like this project? Have you ever embellished your flips flops or footwear in any way? Send me a link to your project or show me some pictures 🙂

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