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Sewing a little

Ok…I’ve said this before and dropped out of the Blogosphere but, I’m back and I’m going to be posting here once in a while. I’ve done many craft projects over the last few years but I haven’t been writing or blogging about them 🙁 I hope I can be better about my writing in 2018 at least.

2017 was a terrible year for me. My mom passed away in July and my whole world has come crashing down. I’ve lost the motivation to do many things, I don’t feel like talking to anyone and I don’t enjoy going out or socializing as much as I used to. This year was full of disappointments – mostly caused by me and my over-expectations from others. Such is life for everyone, I suppose. But, my mom wouldn’t want me to sit around wallowing in self-pity so here I am- back to square one and trying to get back in touch with my creative self. I’m trying to get out of being passive and wishing for good things to happen- because they won’t on their own and I can keep waiting for the right moment and the right help forever! 

What am I up to at the moment?

  • Sewing and quilting small things – like small mug rugs, candle mats, table runners etc (I love me some table runners!) Hope to get in some sewing before Christmas so that I can give out gifts.
  • Embroidery- I’m only doing some satin stitching at the moment (Yay for Anchor Quick Stitch Kits that have been around since my childhood!)
  • Painting some copies of art by established artists – not for sale just for my own enjoyment.
  • Crochet scarves – only in winters because I am lazy 🙂
  • Jewelry- on and off mostly for myself since no one seems to be interested in my jewelry other than myself.

So, what are you upto? Any new craft projects? Let’s get in touch….

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