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I’m Sarah and I am from Chennai, India. I met and married Joshua in 2012- we share a common love of black, wasabi, sweet and salty lime juice, travelling, road-trips and t.v watching :)

Joshua and me

Joshua and me

I love to make jewelry, scrapbooks and other handmade paper products like origami boxes. My passion for jewelry started in 2008 when I saw a wire-wrapping video on Youtube- totally by accident! You can say that I was hooked on drop-earrings from then on (bad pun intended!) I started making jewelry for my family and friends in 2008 and have continued ever since.

Me and My Jewelry

I believe in creating affordable, yet unique and modern jewelry that will appeal to modern women like myself. I make bead jewelry, mostly drop earrings and bracelets but I am also in the process of expanding my line to neck pieces and custom jewelry.
This website features my handmade jewelry and pointers on jewelry selection and care. I created this website with the support of my family and friends. Each one of them has had a special role to play in my creative life and they are often my inspiration! Thanks for the love – dashing guys and gorgeous girls :)

Glue. Paper. Scissors – my love for paper crafts

I have made things with paper for as long as I can remember – but consciously putting “paper-crafter” behind my name didn’t start till about 2008 – when I started making origami paper boxes and had some level of success selling them. In 2012, I started making scrapbooks as wedding gifts and baby gifts as well as greeting cards – something that I still continue to do whenever I can convince myself to let go of pretty pattern paper from my massive stash. Nowadays I like to make mini-albums for baby boys and girls, travel themed albums and the occasional wedding album or two.
I make wedding and grown-up scrapbooks on request too – please contact me at least a month in advance so that I can order supplies that are apt for your needs.

Do Visit Me Again

Thank you for visiting http://www.craftzy.com/ and I hope that you will tell your friends about my jewelry and paper crafts. I am open to suggestions and feedback so please feel free to leave a comment anywhere on the site. If you have a specific question for me, please mail me at craftzy@gmail.com and I will get back to you!

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