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Introducing Blue Orange by Nissin

As promised, today I will tell you more about crochet jewelry made by my friend.

Introducing Blue Orange – handmade crochet jewelry and accessories

My friend Nissin Laby is the creative mind behind Blue Orange – a range of handmade crochet jewelry and accessories . She blogs about her crochet and other crafty adventures at […]

More New Beads! Yay!

Glass beads from Walmart USA

Green glass beads – mixed pack

Earth tone glass beads – mixed pack of light brown, cream, beige and light green

Mixed blue and purple glass beads

It sure seems like it’s raining jewelry supplies here at Craftzy isn’t it? With all the crochet beads – I’m having a hard time concentrating […]

A sneak peek of what I’m working on

Copper, rose quartz, aqua and lilac beaded chain

Hello my crafty friends, hope your day is treating you well!

I’ve been a good girl with the blog posting but I am SO SO behind on posting my pics. I have been working on some jewelry after what seems to be a really long long time – with all the paper crafting that you […]