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Look what I got :) New Beads!

Crochet beads made by Nissin

In my previous post I showed you what I gifted my friend Nissin. Now let me show off her fantastic handiwork – what all she gave me I feel so blessed to have such talented friends! I am really lucky with craft supplies sometimes


In this cute little box are two pretty crochet […]

A mini book and a handmade paper bag

Mini book made with Chumbak wrapping paper

I finally took some pics and uploaded them! Pearlie will be happy that I did stop being so lazy and post them- she must be getting tired of all my “I’ll take pics ” stories 😉

This weekend was a busy one but nevertheless one full of inspiration for me! I sat and did a […]

A blog buddy and my first Christmas presents

Kalami Star by Pearlie

If you are a subscriber to my newsletter, you would have received a newsletter for Christmas where I mentioned my new blog buddy – Pearlie. Well, we decided to meet up on Christmas Day after all the festivities at lunch I spent too much time talking to her and completely forgot to take pictures of […]