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Etsy Faves: Honeysuckle – Pantone Color of 2011

Honeysuckle: A Color for All Seasons What can Honeysuckle colored jewelry or accessories do for me?


Honeysuckle is a bold reddish pink that will give you a rosy glow when worn. Even a little bit of honeysuckle in your accessories can be eye-popping-ly attractive especially since summer’s here. Honeysuckle will go with every skin […]

Etsy Picks : Modern Indian Jewelry


Today, I have a new kind of post for you! I’m going to show you my favorite jewelry from Etsy sellers. And what better way to kick start my blog series than using an India theme in honor of my country!

An Indian woman probably wore only gold and precious gems in olden times,but […]

By Hand, From The Heart- Exhibition in Chennai


I wanted to let you all know about a great event that’s coming up- no not the IPL (it’s great enough but not what I’m referring to!) Fabulous Folks of Chennai- get ready to empty your pockets and still have a good time! By Hand, From The Heart: An Exhibition of Art, Design and […]