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Guest Post Policy

I’m looking for quality content that is unique and that has not been published anywhere else.

I’m looking for guest authors for the following topics:

  • Handmade Jewelry tutorials
  • Handmade Jewelry trends
  • Crafts blog tips
  • Craft shows and sales
  • Other craft tutorials
  • Creative Business Advice
  • Inspirations
  • Creative Workspaces and Organization tips etc

Note: I prefer that every post has images – either your own or with a free to use Creative Commons license. I will included photos of my own if none are provided. Please avoid images that violate copyright notices!

For each guest post I will:

  • Give you full credits for the article right at the beginning of the post.
  • Include links to your About Page and 2 other relevant links to posts/pages on your blog/website that you specify.
  • Tweet about your posts and post updates to my Facebook page. You are also welcome to  tweet/update about your post- giving links to the post on my blog!

If you are interested, please contact me with a short bio and a list of blog post topics that you would like to write about.
P.S: I accept guest posts only by email! ( I am not comfortable with providing accounts on my blog at this point.)

Contact me at: craftzy@gmail.com or comment right here.


Sweet Rustic is now accepting both one off & regular guest posts for 2011. In order to have your ideas considered you will need to be able to provide the following:
  • An email address that you readily have access to
  • A small photo of you and a short bio that is able to be added to your posts
  • A positive attitude
  • Let you personality show in your writing, write as though you were talking to a friend (but without the private information)
Content is to remain primarily in the general areas of handmade, vintage, craft, indie biz (including markets, Etsy, marketing help etc), home making, baking and decorating under most circumstances however general sense of community is also encouraged. There are also some areas outside of this that would come under a general “inspiration” category e.g design, colour, photography, art and nature these would also be acceptable
Content must be your own work and original, not been published elsewhere and you must be willing to give Sweet Rustic the copyright to the content submitted. This doesn’t mean that if you wish to add a photo of your own to a guest post that we’ll sell it (would never do that) it is for promotional purposes. We have the right to brag, tweet, facebook etc about your guest post. Also this just saves our butt if we make a million dollars and you try & get some money out of us!! Sweet Rustic adhears to strict rules when it comes to copyright, all images are always credited to the original source (it’s your responsibility to check permissions for your guest posts), a courteousy email should also be sent to other bloggers, web sites after blogging about them, their work etc.
If you would like to apply please send an email to sweetrustic@gmail.com with information about who you are, what you do (e.g. crafting, not necessarily your day job), your URLs if applicable and what it is you would like to do a guest post(s) about. I will try and respond to all requests & if you are to be considered you will receive some further guidelines, before we proceed.

Thanks for your interest.