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Setting up shop in August

Hello everyone! I haven’t forgotten you – I’ve just been busy with setting up my online jewelry shop (finally!). This has been one of my longstanding dreams and it is finally coming true! Somebody pinch me – I must be dreaming!

I wanted to do something special for my shop launch but I don’t want it to be all about just my products – this is not really about the money for me….Of course I want to make money so that I can buy more pretty beads and supplies but more than the making money – it is the “making” that is closer to my heart.
I have collected many tips over the years while dreaming about opening my own shop, I have read countless blog posts about Etsy success and selling at craft shows. It is finally time for me to put everything into action – that’s what this month is all about for me. I’m dedicating August just for writing about my shop setup, processes, how I work and more. I hope you will stop by and I hope it will encourage you to follow your own handmade dreams.


I’m back

I’ve been missing from Craftzy for quite some time – I’d almost forgotten that I have a blog 😛 But thanks to Pearlie for sending me an email asking me to post :) I think I’m getting back on track. I have a lot of craft projects that I have forgotten to post here…I’ve posted them in Facebook cos that was easier but I will try to slowly get back to blogging and posting.

If you’re wondering why I was absent for so long –

  • I got married to Joshua. Marriage is a life changing event indeed.
  • We’ve moved to our apartment (rental) and are setting up home. The challenges of going from lazy single girl to married home maker are many and derailed me from my best blogging plans.
  • I am working on my own craft business – you’ve heard this many times but this is different. My husband encourages me a lot so I started crafting again. I got some supplies and tools and am making scrapbooks these days. My sister-in-law (my husband’s brother’s wife) is also interested in craft so I’ve started her on to card making :)  I’ll let you know when my online shop has been approved and is running :)
  • I’ve been preoccupied with home decor and getting things to be “just-right” in my house – therefore I started a personal blog and was blogging over at http://sarahjoshua.wordpress.com.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this pic of a cute, flowery name board I made for my friend’s new born baby daughter “Anika”. It is made from chipboard, pattern paper, washi tape and stickers.

Handmade name board for a baby girl

Handmade name board for a baby girl

Make a Bride To Be Banner